Chinese Shadow, which can also be called "Chinese Shadow Play or Chinese Shadow Puppet play", is one of the most ancient genre of drama in China. It came into being in the Han Dynasty (206B.C.-A.D.220) and has more than two thousand years' history.

 Popular among the people of China, Chinese Shadow is a dramatic form which uses lantern to project shadows on the screen. The artistic effect of the play is produced through light, screen, music, singing, and puppet operation. The shadow play is widely stated " a magic, lightning-like art" and win people's high praise in many countrys' visit show. ( See remarkable shadow plays ). We have troupes who possesses tremendous art expertise and have visited American, France, German, Japan, Netherlands and other countries to give visit shows by invitation. Please contact with us if you are interested.

  The puppets in the shadow play are made of transparent leather. Chinese shadow artists first carve out the lines of the design and then dye them in bright colors. These transparent leather puppets become very lively and beautiful under the lantern light. With strong local characteristics, the shadow puppets are folk handiworks and a wisdom crystallization of Chinese shadow play artists through the ages. The exquisite shadow puppets not only can be played by yourself but also are a good choice for house ornament. Many state art museums and Chinese Shadow fans collect elegant Chinese shadow Puppets. ( See rich and varied shadow puppets or order ). 

  Anyone or group who wants to learn Chinese shadow puppets making or Chinese shadow play please contact with us.


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